Unshorten tiny URLs

(Supported services: a.sgdf.fr (French scouts and guides association), bddy.me, bit.ly, buff.ly, dlvr.it, ebx.sh, fb.me (Facebook), frama.link (Framasoft), frphn.co (Fairphone), go.onelink.me (AppsFlyer deep linking service), goo.gl (Google), h2fr.fr (Hauts de France, a France administrative region), huit.re (Framasoft), is.gd, kck.st (Kickstarter), lemde.fr (Le Monde, a french newspaper), lnkd.in (Linkedin / Microsoft), mzl.la (Mozilla), ow.ly, po.st, t.co (Twitter), tinyurl.com, u.afp.com (AFP, the french press agency. Redir. to fr. newspapers), ur1.ca (Old identi.ca shortening services), vdn.lv (La Voix du Nord, a french newspaper))


gives you the list of supported domains as an array.
gives you the list of supported domains, as an array of objects, with the domain in the domain property and complementary information in the info property.